Friday, March 20, 2009

"Kane thought he could tell us what to do, and we told Kane: 'FUCK YOU!'"

Doomsday, 2008. Two and a Half Stars.

The beginning of this movie was totally righteous. It was scary, and sad, and it just immediately grabs you and forces you into this nightmarish world. Woah.

But then the rest of the movie is fairly ridiculous. And you know I love fairly ridiculous things! But it's just so different from the beginning that it's actually quite startling, so I liked this movie less and less the more I kept watching it.

It is pretty okay though, especially if you check your sense of reality at the door. It's pretty much like "Mad Max vs. Feudalism."

Though I still wish the movie that was being made at the beginning was the movie that it ended up being. That would have been thrilling.

Rhona Mitra is a very good ultimate bad ass!!

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