Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“I killed a swan yesterday. ...Took a shit on it.”

"The Mighty Boosh", 2004–2007 (so far?). Four Stars.

They started airing episodes on Adult Swim. My friend Aimee mentioned how much she loves the show and that she thought I’d like it too. I hate when people tell me that they think I’ll like something! It makes me instantly hate it. But I started watching.

And! I love it!!

I can’t believe no one had love enough to introduce me to this sooner!

After seeing some third season episodes on TV, Tim and I immediately rented all the Boosh DVDs. I like all three series that’ve come out. I like that each season’s different from one another. I like how silly-insane it is!

One of my absolute faves is “Nanageddon” (where this title quote’s from). Holy crap.

“Did you drop any Weather Report?”

“Get stuffed.”

“Fair enough.”

…Okay I’m also obsessed with Old Gregg! And Kirk!

I don’t really want to talk about this any more, because if you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t want to ruin it for you. I probably already have by gushing about it. But still check it out sometime if you like comedy and electro music and fabulously badly-good costumes.


Sif said...

How very random that i should happen across your blog, especially as it was only posted on Wednesday.

I googled 'took a shit on a swan' to prove an argument and here you are.

I'm glad you appreciate the mighty boosh, it is awesome.

Also, you should check out 'Nathan barley''d love it!

Chrissy said...

Hi Sif! That is quite random! Thanks for the recommendation, I looked up "Nathan Barley" and it seems quite up my alley... can't wait to check it out!

Now, what argument was "took a shit on a swan" proving??

Sif said...

It was to see who had the entire quote nailed down pat. i was convinced it was one thing, he was convinced it was the other.

Anyway, it turned out i was wrong, so thanks for nothing!!

As for the nathan Barley crowd, it's just such quintessentialy British indie humour.

Search youtube for 'rise of the idiots'. I think you'll recognise 'Preacher man'.

You might also like Peep Show, Spaced & the I.T. Crowd. Also, Garth merenghis 'Dark place'. They're all low budget but so, so funny.