Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Lay down some phat beats for me to kick my buddy's ass to, alright?"

Iron Man 2, 2010. Three and a half stars.

Well, I should get started on this summer's movies before the summer ends, eh?

I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man. In fact, I loved everything about it! And I'd been anxious to see Iron Man 2. I didn't have much hope for it being good: Usually movies I love have awful sequels, especially if they're big Hollywood blockbusters.

But this movie was pretty great! I mean, I feel like it's a different kind of movie, so it's like comparing apples and oranges: the first one is establishing the characters and movie universe, the second one is delving in more and taking it to the next level. Even though it was good... right now I'm giving it three and a half stars. That might change once I watch it again... Really it's good though!

Robert Downey Jr. continues his awesome performance as Tony Stark. There were a few points in the movie that I actually didn't like, that were (believe it or not) too fantastical that took me out of the movie. But his performance was so strong that he made it work. Like: the race-track scene where Vanko (BTW: Mickey Rourke? Excellent!) was Whiplash-ing cars to get to Tony... there would, and should, have been more destruction, shrapnel, and accidental hits that would have hurt or severely injured waaaaaaay more people. It's science, dudes. I know it's silly that something like that irked me, but, it did and does! Tony's reactions kept me from throwing things at the screen though. And that lame part with the little boy, Robert Downey Jr. made that cheesiness work in the end by having it be just so Tony.

Don Cheadle!! Terrence Howard was good as Rhodey in the first movie, and I'm not quite sure what happened here (I heard it was about $$, but I also heard it was a surprise to Howard...), and it's sad, but... Don Cheadle!! He is awesome, and if anyone had to successfully replace a prevalent character in a prevalent movie, it could only be him.

Scarlett Johansson. Blah. Sexy but pretty boring. And "Natasha Romanoff" shouldn't really be boring... right??

Pepper Potts! Gwyneth Paltrow is still good and as adorable as ever.

Has anyone else noticed that the ladies in this movies are wearing high heels that are too extreme and end up looking like they're walking in sand all of the time? Sexy while standing, awkward while walking.

Everyone in general is pretty much great in this. Sam Rockwell (slowly becoming one of my favorite character actors of all time), Sammy Jackson, like I said Mickey Rourke, and even Garry Shandling, who somehow sometimes makes me uncomfortable. And also, DAMN Jon Favreau's CV is getting pretty impressive, eh? Good for him!


aimee said...

Actually... The Black Widow is pretty damn boring. I always thought she was extremely one-dimensional fanservice.

you know, kind of like Bond girls. Sure they have the fashion sense, but they're all the same character, basically.

Chrissy said...

Really? That kind of sucks! (I admittedly don't know much about the Iron Man comics, only what was in the Ultimates.) I'm still going to say that Scarlett Johansson was unnecessarily boring. She could have been way more interesting when she was under cover working with Tony.

Sarah said...

A small child provided commentary on several key scenes, including:
- when the drones all exploded: "That was a big one!"
- when Tony and Pepper kissed: "Now he has a wife."

Re: Sam Rockwell - have you seen "Moon"?

Chrissy said...

Oh, good point Sarah! BTW, I haven't seen "Moon" yet. I've totally been meaning to! Last summer there was this slew of interesting sci-fi movies coming out around the same time and I wanted to see them all, but I didn't. Thanks for the reminder, gotta put it on my Netflix!

Sarah said...

I saw "Moon" on the flight home from Japan last year and it somehow added to the atmosphere of it all. It was a great movie and left me feeling incredibly thoughtful afterwards!