Saturday, July 5, 2008

"What would you call this place? Fun-o-rama?"

The Haunting, 1963. Three and a Half Stars.

My friend Tim M. let me borrow this. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it nearly as much as he does.

I'm still not sure if I like it as much as he does, but, I really like it! The first thing that got my attention was the title graphic. The effect was used at the end too. Nice!

Also, another thing I thought was cool was to see bits of Boston, MA in the 60's. Cool signage. Though that only counts if they actually shot on location.

And I like the whole thing with the statue.

This movie does a good job of being scary through sounds, music, lighting, and good old-fashioned suspense. I love suspense! The character Eleanor ("Nell") was a little bit annoying because she was such a push-over. But it was rad how the house accepted her as a substitute for Mrs. Markway. Even though Mrs. Markway's skepticism was also very annoying, and it almost got her killed!

The relationship between Nell and Theo was confusing. Theo was all hot-and-cold; I just thought she was constantly annoyed with Nell but was still trying to be friends with her. But I recently read somewhere that the actress that played Theo was, like, interested in playing this role, which is a role of a woman attracted to another woman. So, maybe that's the 60's way of showing that you're a hot lady who's hot for a flighty pushover chick?

This movie is pretty spooky and very enjoyable. You should see it!

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