Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"My God, do we really suck? Or is this guy really that GOOD??"

Shoot 'Em Up, 2007. Three Stars.

Ridiculous, but SO FUN!! I dig action movies, but action sequences generally bore me with clichés and uninteresting camera work. The action in this movie, however, is actually engaging! Right off the bat: a dude gets a carrot through his skull! Also, loved the fresh use of Nirvana.

I'm becoming such a fan Clive Owen, I love the mysterious characters he tends to portray.

Paul Giamatti is awesome! I'd just seen him in John Adams (no review for that, sorry! I did enjoy it though), so it was great to see him in such a completely different role.

Seriously, this movie's so fun to watch!!

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PublishingMojo said...

This movie kicks a55. The only movie where somebody delivers a baby while blasting away at a gang of bad guys. And that's just the opening scene.