Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Gay Muslim activists. That is a very rare job description."

Religulous, 2008. Three Stars.

Good movie, but exactly what you'd expect from Bill Maher. I thought it was funny. But I was a wee bit annoyed that, at first, he tried to tell people that he was "just trying to understand how people feel," but in the end, he really just bashed the entire concept of religion.

I think that, if he were really serious about getting his point across to a new audience instead of just preaching to the choir, he would have been less aggressive and offensive. For example, he ended the movie by saying that, in order for the human race to survive, religion must be completely done away with... A harsh assessment after a 90-minute beliefs-bashing romp!

It was, however, interesting to hear some of the weird beliefs people have, and how they use religion to validate them.

Also, there was lots of Michael Moore-esque editing. It makes for a fun-to-watch movie, but also makes one take the content a little less seriously.

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