Sunday, January 11, 2009

"But the one thing they can't stomach is the image of a vice president with a mouthful of cock."

The Contender, 2000. Four Stars.

Awesome movie!!!!!!!!! A very cool story, with a kick-ass actors. Joan Allen did a heck of a job as Laine Hanson, who is such a strong and inspiring character.

Basically, the Vice President dies, the the dude who was the top pick to replace him is a dick. The President (played by The Dude!!) picks this lady senator (Laine Hanson) to be his VP because she's so awesome. But Gary Oldman can't handle having a chick in office, so, hoping to disgrace her, he digs up evidence that in her college years, Hanson was in a 3-way at a party. And there's like video evidence to back it up. It's pretty nasty and embarrassing.

Well, Hanson refuses to comment on this. Why should she; it has nothing to do with her cool politics skillz. Plus it was in college, and it's not like no one in political office has never had a three-way before. Someone's personal life should be completely separate from their political life.

In the end, The Prez chastises the stupid media and Gary Oldman, and sings the praises of Hanson's abilities as a soon-to-be VP, and then everyone ends up loving her and she gets sworn in. But the kicker: that wasn't even her in the triste. Her belief that someone's personal life should remain separate from their political life is so strong that she refuses to comment on it, even to save face. Because it's nobody's damn business, and there are more important things that people should focus on. Damn she's cool.

I saw this movie before the recent U.S. Presidential race, and it was interesting to compare the character of Laine Hanson to Sarah Palin.

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