Monday, December 7, 2009

"I think it's fabulous. Every value I've ever held is being questioned. And I'm loving it."

"The IT Crowd", Series 2 & 3. Four Stars.

I watched Series 1 a little while ago, and I wasn't floored by it. But it had lots of potential, and I'd been told that Series 2 & 3 are a lot funnier, so I recently checked them out.

Already by the first episode of the second series, the show got a LOT funnier. And there IS a Drinky Crow and Uncle Gabby on Roy's desk! And some Love and Rockets books make an appearance! Yay comic books! And now Bainbridge is in the show!!!

Third series is a laugh riot. And everyone got a style update (Roy's 'do is working for him and he looks slimmer, and Jen's hair doesn't look wonky anymore). One of my ultimate faves (though I like all of them) is "Are We Not Men?" (the football one), it's brilliant!

I want to watch all of these episodes all over again.

"God damn these electric pants..."

...JOEL McHALE was in the pilot of the US "The IT Crowd"?? I love that guy so much!! I will profess my love for "Community" in a timely manner, so stick around!

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