Saturday, January 2, 2010

..."But more importantly, you're dressed like a gladiator in a desk fort you built during a bad trip."

"Community", 2009–Present. Four Stars.

This show's not only the biggest surprise of the new shows on the Fall '09 line up, but also the funniest thing on television right now. When I first saw an ad for it, I was confused about what it was about, and whether it would be funny or painful (like most budding sitcoms nowadays). But it had me at the first episode. Wholly original, and just so darn funny.

Seriously, every single character on this show is hysterical. I don't have the patience to write about all of them. But really, the characters are great and the actors that play them are phenomenal.

I do have to mention Joel McHale. I only watched "Talk Soup" when John Henson was on it. He was the only one that made the show for me. And it has been disappointing to see his acting career plateau as him basically playing himself as news reporters in the background in movies. But! I started watching the latest "Talk Soup" variation, "The Soup", one day randomly. I loved that the show focused on all the horrors that reality television unleashes on to its viewers (not just talk shows). And, this Joel McHale dude was on it, and he was hilarious! Just the right amount of self-deprecating humor mixed in with self confidence, sarcastic-ness, and ability to rock a suit while remaining agile enough for bits of physical comedy. Also I'm starting to really like his leprechaun-y face. But then I got worried: Would Joel McHale follow in John Henson's footsteps by being on some weird show about a community college that might fail tremendously? Thankfully, no!

So, also, Chevy Chase is in this. Surprising, and, great! I've heard he's not the swellest gentleman ever (but who in Hollywood is?), but his ability to not take himself seriously in this show really works for him, and makes him funny to me again!

But! The best part in this fantastic show? SEÑOR CHANG!!

Hooray for Dan Harmon, the creator of this amazing show. He's worked on other such gems like "The Sarah Silverman Program" and "Channel 101"!

I can't wait for new episodes to start airing again. 1/14/2010. Yay!

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