Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Not you, Fat Jesus. Slide it on back."

The Hangover, 2009. Three Stars.

The trailers for this made it seem like a basic "men are miserable when they're married so let's have one last hurrah before we get married and our lives are over" kind of movie. I had no interest in seeing it. (Even though Ed Helms is pretty awesome!)

But then I heard from many people that it was very funny. So when it came out on DVD, someone let me borrow it.

This movie heavily depends on the "here's this unexpected ridiculous thing!!" technique, which I'm big fan of. But, since people were kind of freaking out over it so much, I was expecting ridiculous things. So I wasn't surprised by the ridiculousness. So I didn't laugh very much. But I did enjoy this movie a lot, and I still thought it was funny.

The best part, though, are all the pics from that night that are shown through the end credits. Genius!

Also, A NAKED SEÑOR CHANG is in this!!!!

It was nice to see Heather Graham in a movie again! But I just looked at her profile, and she has been in lots. Just stuff I haven't seen. Oops. Still, nice to see her. And Jeffrey Tambor! I like him! And yay for Rachel Harris playing a bitch, too!

I first saw Zach Galifianakis in "Bored to Death" (which I'll write about if I can ever bring myself to finish the first season), and I look forward to seeing him in more stuff.

I can't get Ken Jeong off my mind though. He steals the show almost every time I see him!


Lizzie said...

I thought this movie was ok, but not as HIL-A-RIOUS as everyone said it was.

To me it was like, "Bachelor Party" meets "Dude, where's my car?". Um, maybe this is my age starting to show that no idea seems original anymore? I dunno.

Agreed on the end sequence of photos. Classic.

PS-the word verification that I have to type in is "gonate" and my inner 12 year old boy is giggling because it sounds like a hybrid of "donate" and "gonads"...heh, donate gonads...

Apparently I need more sleep.

Chrissy said...

Definitely, it totally isn't as " HIL-A-RIOUS" as everyone said it is!

"Gonate." Heeheehee!!