Monday, August 25, 2008

"Frank, this is Albert Einstein, the smartest man in the world." "How they hanging?"

I.Q., 1994. Three Stars.

I happened to catch a description of this movie on the TV guide, and it sounded so crazy and cute that I immediately set up a recording for it on my DVR!

Walter Matthau plays Albert Einstein, and he helps Tim Robbins, who plays a mechanic, win the affection of his niece, who is played by Meg Ryan, and who also is the object of Tim Robbins's love. How adorably random is that? VERY!

This indeed ended up being a charming story with a great cast. I see that it was released on Christmas Day, which seems about right for a movie like this. If you're not in the mood for a sugary-sweet historically-fakey-in-the-name-of-feelgood-romanticcomedyry, or if your bag is only depresso intellectual abstract flicks, then this movie will bore you. But check it out if you feel like watching something you don't have to be too emotionally invested in and want to see A Grumpy Old Man act like A Crazy Einstein. Plus Stephen Fry plays the snotty guy, which is always fun, and Tony Shalhoub is in it too, which is pretty rad!

FYI, I can't remember where I wrote down the quote from this movie that I wanted to use for the title of this review, so I just looked at the quotes on and picked the most random-sounding one.

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PublishingMojo said...

The first time I saw "IQ" was on an airplane, and I didn't rent the headphones. I still haven't decided whether the pleasure of not being able to hear Meg Ryan outweighed the frustration of not being able to hear Stephen Fry.