Thursday, September 4, 2008

"You may be *a* Doctor, but I'm *the* Doctor. The definite article, you might say."

"Doctor Who: Robot (Parts 1 - 4)", 1974 - 1975. Two and a Half Stars.

I am an UNBELIEVABLY HUGE fan of the new "Doctor Who" series!! Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant have both been amazing and hottie Doctors, and their differences in character only add to the deliciousness of The Doctor.

Despite my fanaticism toward the current series, I had never seen any of the previous series. My boyfriend Tim (my parter-in-Nerdism) read up on the Doctor Who universe (he's like a handsome encyclopedia of interesting nerdy things!), and came to the consensus that Tom Baker seems to be the most favored "Doctor," so let's give his first episodes a go. Hence, we watched "Robot."

Erm, couldn't really get into it. I appreciate the camp value, and that the special effects were from a 70's British TV show. And I'm sure that Tom Baker's character was a breath of fresh air for the fans. Heck, if you get past his annoying spaciness, he's a little charming.

It seems like the earlier series of "Doctor Who" were more geared toward children (I've heard people say how much these "Robot" episodes scared the daylights out of 'em when they were kids!), whereas the new episodes seem to be appropriate for adults... like, say, the kids who watched it when they were young except they're grown up now. I know, I'm so philosophical. Haha!

So, I couldn't get into these episodes. I'll definitely still check out more of the older series, either I'll start liking it more or at least I'll be paying some sort of respect to the history of the show I love so much now.

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