Monday, September 8, 2008

Your name is dumb bitch TOO? No wonder I keep getting all of your mail! You know, we could be related. There are a lot of us dumb bitches here in LA.

The Truth About Cats & Dogs, 1996. Three Stars.

I was hanging out at my friend Captain's one night, and I saw she had a copy of The Truth About Cats & Dogs next to her TV. I think I joked about it, because I'd heard it was such a chick-flick and was kind of lame. And I thought she started joking back about how it was her favorite movie and she could watch it all the time. Except, she wasn't joking! She really liked it, so we decided to watch it.

She's right: this is a great movie! It's fun, it has animals in it, the cast is cute-as-buttons, and the story is very sweet. Janeane Garofalo is absolutely adorable, more adorable than usual. I always think Uma's a hottie, but it was cool to see her play a fragile person. I don't really know who Ben Chaplin is, but, he's kind of charming in this.

And, though there's an obvious message, it's also a true one that's good to remember: a smokin' hottie on the outside might not necessarily be so great on the inside, and someone who you'd normally not cast a second look at could be the coolest person you'd ever meet.


PublishingMojo said...

Janeane Garaofalo has a prominent role in a movie I plan to make if I can get a producer to give me the money in time for Christmas: "Pirate Santa".
Here's the pitch: Whitebeard (Jack Black) is the most feared pirate on the seven seas. In his crimson uniform, he strikes terror into all he meets. But his life of plundering and wenching leaves him strangely unfulfilled. Then one Christmas Eve, as he's pacing the deck and brooding, he's visited by the ghost of his old pirate comrade Cap'n Marley (a cameo by Ziggy Marley). The ghost shows him a vision of the torments that await him in the hereafter if he doesn't mend his ways. Whitebeard is terrified and decides on the spot to go straight. He has his pirate wench (Ms. Garaofalo) sew white fur trim onto his red uniform, and he paints red and white stripes on his hook (so it looks like a candy cane, get it?). He sets off sailing around the world looking for people to do good deeds for, but of course everyone runs away screaming 'cause they think he's still a pirate. Hilarity ensues. Also starring Eddie Murphy as the voice of Rudolph the Red-Beaked Parrot.

Lizzie said...

I actually like this movie, too (it's a guilty-pleasure movie)! Nice take on the Cyrano de Bergerac play.

Another guilty pleasure movie (also starring a very cute Janeane Garofalo and featuring Denis Leary) is "The Matchmaker."