Monday, March 31, 2008

"Hi, Big Brother. How's Your Ass?"

The Omega Man, 1971. Three Stars.

To recap: I had watched The Last Man on Earth (click here for my review!), and now I have just seen The Omega Man. Next on my Netflix list is I Am Legend. Then, to finish my completist's journey, I will read the novel!

I liked The Omega Man, though I happened to enjoy The Last Man on Earth a little more, I'm not sure why. I think I was a little confused by Robert Neville's "humorous" monologues, they just seemed a little forced to me. I tried to keep the particular decade in mind while I was watching this, which helped in general.

My favorite scene is when he's in the movie theatre watching a movie about Woodstock. Very adorable and poignant!

I appreciate that this virus was spread by bio weapons, but I happen to like the mysteriousness of it's origins in The Last Man on Earth better. The "mutants" were cool though, I liked that they were actually pretty human and could speak and think and stuff!

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