Friday, March 21, 2008

"I Am a Man... THE LAST MAN."

The Last Man on Earth, 1964. Three Stars.

I really want to see I Am Legend, but first I want to see the previous versions of this story and how it all adds up to and compares to the, well, current "remake" (Isn't this supposed to be an awesome, more accurate telling of the novel, as opposed to the previous movies? So, is it actually a "remake"?). So the plan is to watch The Last Man on Earth, then Omega Man, then I Am Legend. Then read the novel I Am Legend (click on the link; I am hoping to get my mitts on that fabulous old copy!!).

Effective use of narration; I like narrated movies, and this was especially great, because... he had no one to talk to! He was The Last Man! So how else would you know what he was thinking? And it was great that the story started when the shit had been hitting the fan for three years, then explained things in flashbacks (I like non-linear storytelling). The acting was pretty terrible, and the sound / dubbing was pretty annoying. But it is what it is, and I quite enjoy what it is.

It's cool that the vampires are also like zombies and that it's caused by a virus. It's like the best of the coolest kind of well-known horror monsters.

The lady that he meets up on the hill, Ruth, first reminded me of that annoying little boy in Six-String Samurai. I am so glad that she actually speaks fluently!

I watched the Special Feature on this DVD: It's a little sad that the guy who wrote this book, Richard Matheson, was so disappointed by the movie that he used a fake name in the credits. But this means that I have so much to look forward to for the other movies, and I can't wait to read the novel!

P.S. The reason I watched Panic in Year Zero! (see preceding post) in the first place was because it was also included with the DVD of The Last Man on Earth that I rented. Double Feature of Terror!!!

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