Monday, March 31, 2008

"I'm Gonna Git That Bastard, Johnny Bob. Right Now."

Starman, 1984. Three Stars.

I had no idea that this movie existed! It's so cute! Jeff Bridges is stellar (har har) as the alien dude. Also, he is YOUNG and ADORABLE! I had only really known him as The Dude! I would make out with alien Jeff Bridges! That's as far as I would go; I don't want no alien baby business!!!

So, this was enjoyable to watch. I don't really have anything special to say about it.

Though I was a little disappointed in that the TV guide said that the alien "borrows" a guy's body, so I thought there would be some gory slaying happening here. Turns out it's the good old-fashioned "Your husband's dead, and I'm going to take on his familiar shape so you will hopefully not fear me." Which, ultimately, I'm okay with.


Anonymous said...

How could you not have seen this movie before? If you had hung out with us more you could have seen it sooner!

—Mike and Ricki

Chrissy said...

How come when I ask when you can hang out, I don't hear from you?

You introduced me to Cemetery Man!! Three and a Half Stars! :D :D :D :

Anonymous said...

You should come over right now.

- Mike and Ricki

PublishingMojo said...

Another 80's classic is Beetlejuice--Tim Burton before he started taking himself too seriously. Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are cast hilariously against type as a too-wholesome-for-words couple (him in a lumberjack shirt and John Denver glasses, her in ringlets and a calico frock). Their greatest passion is restoring their antique farmhouse in rural Connecticut. As the movie opens they die, and even their death is right out of Martha Stewart: Their Volvo station wagon crashes off a historic covered bridge.
Their beloved house is sold to a clan of rich, obnoxious Manhattanites (Jeffrey Jones, the fabulous Catherine O'Hara, and Winona Ryder as their Goth-chick daughter) who hire a decorator (Glenn Shadix) to give the place a trendy makeover that's so ugly that Baldwin and Davis come back from the dead to haunt them away, with the help of an over-the-top performance by Michael Keaton as the title character. Great cameos by Dick Cavett and Robert Goulet.