Monday, March 31, 2008

"They Call Me Sensitive. Am I Too Sensitive?"

Autism: The Musical, 2007. Four Stars.

A very fun presentation, which makes it easier to watch something about such a devastating topic. The opening credits is adorable, and it's the best use of The Go! Team ever!

Elaine Hall is amazingly magnificent for her compassionate involvement with her son Neal's life, and for coming up with the Miracle Project. Basically, her son is autistic; she noticed that her son's therapists were having a difficult time understanding his unusual behavior, so she brought in a bunch of actors. The actors accepted and immediately joined in with his unusual behaviors, which brought them into his world. I think this was probably her main inspiration for putting on a musical with autistic kids.

One of the coolest things about this movie for me was seeing how this Jewish family celebrated some of their Jewish traditions. I'm not Jewish, and unfortunately I've never witnessed nor been involved in any of my Jewish friends' traditions, so this was interesting!

I loved seeing the process of how this play was put together, and the different involvement and strengths from each kid, and their interaction with "Coach E" and the other helpers.

Also, I learned so much about autism. It was heartbreaking to see how it can affect not only the kids who have it, but also how it changes their relationships with the people around them, and how it even affects the people around them's relationship with each other. There's a lot of heavy stuff to think about after seeing this movie, but there is a main message of hope, and fun, and love, which is awesome.

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