Monday, March 31, 2008

"I'm Not From Here! I Have My Own Customs! Look at My Crazy Passport!"

Futurama, 1999–2003, 2008–Present? Three and a Half Stars.

I didn't get to watch a lot of Futurama when it was originally aired, but Comedy Central has been re-airing old episodes. Even though I only seem to catch the same few episodes over and over... they're pretty darn funny! This was a good show!

So, following in the footsteps of Family Guy and Jericho (well, not any more), Futurama is apparently back on the air. Huzzah! Last weekend the two-hour season premiere, Bender's Big Score, aired. It was hilarious! But when I tried to find out about this show online, I guess this was considered a movie? Click on that last link; what?? I just can't believe that I hadn't known that there was a Futurama movie.

I set up a series recording on my DVR to record all the Futurama repeats, and now I'm seeing lots of episodes I didn't even knew existed previously. This post's title is a quote from one of my favorite episodes, "Raging Bender" (I don't care what that reviewer wrote, I still think it's a wicked funny episode).

Also, I always loved the title "Futurama," it's hysterical and ridiculous and totally up my alley!

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